Steady progress in CSR

“The essence of what we do at CAE, and how we do it, is fully aligned with the principles of corporate social responsibility. Training is about keeping people safe and simulation protects the environment.

We have made tremendous progress since last year. We formed a cross-functional CSR Committee and consulted with internal stakeholders to complete our materiality matrix and develop a CSR roadmap for our entire organization.

Our next step is to implement the roadmap and track our progress as we increasingly integrate CSR into our everyday processes and activities. As part of this process, we will take steps to enhance our ability to capture data worldwide.”

Hélène V. Gagnon
Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications

6 million
Gallons of jet fuel saved annually by training pilots in a full-flight simulator instead of a real aircraft

$7.8 million
In-kind giving, product and service donations
in fiscal 2016