CSR materiality matrix
& 2020 CSR Roadmap

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CSR materiality matrix

In fiscal 2016, our CSR Committee conducted an extensive materiality assessment process to refine the topics for inclusion in our 2020 CSR Roadmap. The Global Reporting Initiative G4 Materiality Principle guided this assessment process.

The CSR Committee identified and rated the most important topics for our business, taking into account financial, reputational, legal, societal and environmental impacts. It also rated our stakeholders’ interests by reviewing the feedback we receive through industry associations, engagement forums, surveys, meetings and other forms of direct dialogue. In the future, we expect to conduct a formal stakeholder engagement exercise to further validate our priorities.

The topics identified in our materiality matrix reflect the results of our assessment and form the focus of our 2020 CSR Roadmap. We will review our materiality matrix every two years to assess the continued relevance of topics to both our business and stakeholders.

2020 CSR Roadmap

Our 2020 CSR Roadmap highlights the topics we are committed to addressing over the next four years. It establishes our approach to selecting topics within six core priorities, the governance structure for implementation, and the clear actions that anchor our commitments. This roadmap will provide us with a robust baseline and enable us to set realistic and meaningful objectives, targets and initiatives for our future performance.

We will track and measure our performance against our commitments and provide progress updates through our annual reporting publications and our website.