CSR governance and oversight

Launched in fiscal 2016, our cross-functional CSR Committee is responsible for rolling out and embedding CSR commitments and best practices across CAE. It’s also in charge of identifying, reviewing and assessing our performance in ethical, environmental, social and reputational matters. The committee includes members from our major businesses and key geographic locations.

Implementing our 2020 CSR Roadmap

Ensuring the companywide implementation and effectiveness of our 2020 CSR Roadmap will be a key focus of the committee over the next few years. Detailed action plans are in place to engage all our people in supporting roadmap commitments. The committee will:

  • Allocate the right resources for effective implementation
  • Establish the required policies, programs and performance measures
  • Track progress against the roadmap and action plans
  • Address any gaps in a timely manner

The committee meets quarterly to review progress and, through the CSR Committee Chair, reports performance quarterly to the Executive Management Committee and periodically to the Board of Directors or its committees (Governance, Human Resources and Audit).

The Chief Compliance Officer also provides monthly compliance reports to the Executive Management Committee and quarterly reports to the Board.

Our CSR Committee:

  • Includes members from our three core businesses (Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Defence & Security and Healthcare) as well as Engineering and corporate services
  • Interacts with our various stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, suppliers, aviation regulators, governments, local communities and universities)
  • Oversees the six core priorities of our CSR approach
  • Represents our global business (6/18 members are from outside of Montreal)
  • Promotes gender diversity (5/18 members are women)