Looking ahead

As defence systems wear out, nations need to modernize them. We foresee a new era of investment in defence and security over the next five to 10 years. These next-generation aviation and naval defence systems will require significant personnel training. Simulation-based training is the most cost-effective solution to deliver this training.

Almost 25% of military pilots are working as instructors. Due to a shortage of pilots, defence forces increasingly need to move these pilots back into operations, creating opportunities for CAE to deliver academic, simulator and live flying training.

Increasing complexity in military training, along with a growing trend to outsource training, also bodes well for CAE. Integrated mission training that brings together NATO coalition forces as well as a range of live, virtual and constructive training assets is on the rise.

We are skilled at creating integrated, immersive and interoperable training environments using best-of-breed solutions, including technology and platforms from other vendors. We also expect to deliver a growing number of live-virtual-constructive (LVC) military training programs.