Looking ahead

Demand for trained aviation professionals is driven by air traffic growth, pilot retirements and the number of aircraft deliveries. The expansion of global economies and airline fleets has resulted in a shortage of qualified personnel. Our pilot demand forecast predicts 25,000 new pilots will be needed, on average, every year for the next 10 years.

Airlines are also increasingly outsourcing their training to focus on their core business. The result is a growing number of long-term partnerships and training services agreements. As the world’s leading provider of cadet-to-captain pilot training, we stand to benefit from this trend.

At the same time, we are shaping the future of training by creating a systematic approach to address the needs of next-generation training challenges. We are partnering with the airline industry to help professional pilots develop faster, learn to master critical situations and adapt effectively to their operators’ culture and standard operating procedures. We will also continue working with aerospace regulatory bodies to make the world’s safest mode of transportation even safer.